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Adobe Flash ActionScript 3.0 Training Class

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This ActionScript course is for existing Flash Designers who would like to further their knowledge of Flash by learning ActionScript 3.0. Students should have already completed Flash Professional Beginner class or have equivalent experience prior to enrolling in this class. This is a Flash programming class, and students will be writing code in the course lessons.

Adobe Flash ActionScript 3.0 Course Outline

This course outline is based on the authorized curriculum for this class. The topics and specific tasks during the training may vary to suit the specific needs of the individual or group of students.

Course Length: 3 Days

Adobe Flash ActionScript 3.0 Course Prerequisites

Lesson 1: Introduction
Getting Setup
A Little History
The Flash Platform
ActionScript 3 with Flash Professional
Starting Flash CS5
Actions Panel
Compilation Errors
ActionScript 3 Preferences
Exercise: Get Started with Flash Professional

Lesson 2: ActionScript Fundamentals
The Basics
Variables and Declarations
Exercise: Declaring and using variables
Numbers, Integers, and Operators
Type Conversion
Exercise: Mathematic Operations and Types
Exercise: Using and Declaring Functions

Lesson 3: Creating and Using Symbols
Creating Symbols
Creating Symbol Instances
Exercise: Creating MovieClip Symbols
Setting Properties
Exercise: MovieClips and Properties
Invoking Methods
ActionScripting within Symbols
Exercise: ActionScripting within Symbols and Methods
Nesting MovieClips
Registration Points
Exercise: Nesting MovieClips and Creating Properties
Creating Symbols Dynamically
Exercise: Creating MovieClips Dynamically
Loading External Files
Exercise: Loading External Files

Lesson 4: Working with Text
Text Layout Framework (TLF)
Working with a TLF TextField
The TLF Library
Exercise: Working with TLFTextFields
Creating TLF TextFields with ActionScript
Multiple Column TextFields
Exercise: Creating a Dynamic TLFTextField
Setting the TextFormat
Exercise: Applying TextFormat

Lesson 5: Listening to User and System Events
Listening and Handling Events
Exercise: Searching Google Maps
Event Types
Static Constants
Removing Events
Exercise: Drawing with Events
Enter Frame Event
Keyboard Event
Exercise: Using the Keyboard and Enter Frame Events
Preloading with the Loader
Exercise: Slideshow with the TimerEvent
Loading External Text with the Loader
Exercise: Load Text Externally
Custom Events

Lesson 6: Loops, Arrays and Conditional Logic
Conditional Logic
Working with the Stage
Exercise: Keeping the Alien on Stage and Controlling the
Conditional Branches
Advanced Conditional Operators
Other Conditional Statements
Hit Testing
Exercise: Creating a Nested If and Hit Detection
Exercise: Creating Multiple Alien Instances with Loops
Looping with Arrays
Control Statements
Exercise: Firing At Aliens

Lesson 7: Math, Date, String, and Regular Expression Classes
Math Class
Exercise: Use Math to Randomly Select a Random Alien
Date Class
String Class
Exercise: Calculate Compound Interest
Regular Expressions
Exercise: Find Patterns with Regular Expressions
Validating with Regular Expressions
Exercise: Validating with Regular Expressions
Searching with RegExp
Exercise: Matching with Regular Expressions
Replacing with RegExp
Exercise: Find and Replace with Regular Expressions

Lesson 8: Working with XML
What is XML.
XML and E4X
E4X Operators
Exercise: Working with XML with E4X
RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
Cross Domain Security
Exercise: Create an RSS Reader

Lesson 9: Sound and Video
The Sound Class
Exercise: Exploding and Firing Sounds
Playing External MP3 Files
Exercise: Alien Attack Soundtrack
Exercise: Creating a Video Playlist

Lesson 10: Animation, Motion, and 3D
Dragging and Dropping
Exercise: Match the Alien to the Color
The Tween Class
Exercise: Creating an Explosion Animation
3D Motion and Properties
Using the ActionScript 3 LiveDocs